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Wall displays
Mewscraft offers a full range of wall mounted display panels, with various materials and designs.  Whether it is display rods mounted to acrylic panels or a sprayed wooden pigeon hole system, Mewscraft is sure to be able to produce a solution to your needs.  

Display rod based wall displays.

Our concept-s Tubix and Mini-Tubix range is recognised globally as being pure excellence in secure spectacle display.  Their versatile nature means that they can be mounted to anything from brick, acrylic, wood or glass panels.

PIN panels.

The PIN panel is a classic way of displaying spectacles.  Clean and easy frame displaying makes this product very popular with our customers.

POS panels for accessories

When an area for accessories is required, our POS bolt system allows complete flexibility in positioning of shelves and decorative features.

WV2 wall display

The WV2 is a feature panel with shelves, illuminated on both sides. Shown here with lime green stripes, it is also offered in gloss black, gloss white, gloss red, or can be customised with different graphic images.  The lime green background shown provides a stunning setting for your frames, and here we are showing clear acrylic PIN panels on either side of the WV2 shelf unit. Your are of course free to choose your own colour scheme.

Pidgeon hole system

The new trend in retail display is the pidgeon hole system.  Wall mounted shelf systems such as this WV36 shown can be illuminated from behind giving an enriching glow through frosted acrylic.

VARIO side

The all new VARIO side from concept-s allows individual frame holders to be rotated within an arc of 90 degrees.

If you prefer displaying your spectacles in a horizontal fashion, then the PUR rod is for you.  Utilising lateral space, this display system are great for displaying frames with full visibility and without the need for locking frames in place.  PUR rods can also hold spectacle cases and decorative features.

PUR rod system

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LED wall panels

Our range of LED wall panels are illuminated, colour changing display panels which you can mount display rods or shelves to.